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Water changes to wine

It's no secret that Our Lord liked a wee drink.
Leave your cursor over the picture to see what He did when supplies were running low.
Don't leave yourself
spiritually thirsty.
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The Host in the Post Pledge of Quality:

"When we Transubstantiate a thing it stays Transubstantiated."

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Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
Do you get tetchy when you're hungry? I know I do, and so it seems, did Our Lord!
Move your curser over the image and just see how He dealt with a fruitless Fig Tree when He felt peckish! Zap!
Don't let yourself get spiritually peckish.
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Matthew 21 vs 18-21

Jesus liked His food and drink, bless Him!
See how He used His awesome Power in these two Top Miracles!

John 2: vs 1-11
Many people say I'm a saint for doing this work,
but I couldn't possibly comment.