Are you having Problems with Prayer?

If so you might find the following FAQs useful: -

1.Do I need to be sincere?

Sincerity has long been recognised as a significant element in communication with God. There appears to be no doubt in the minds of the experts that words carry more weight with Him when they are "heartfelt".
For example a whole congregation can “join in prayer” for money for the organ fund, but discover several months later there is still a five-figure sum outstanding. So what's going on? My bet would be that there is a percentage of the flock who think either that the money could be better spent, dislike organ music or dislike the organist.


What should I ask for?

I suggest to novice supplicants that they keep their prayers vague. For example, one might wish to pray for the health of the Queen. People often do, bless them. However if one has been down on the hassock making that specific request at Evensong, only to hear on News at Ten that Her Majesty has just gone-down with pneumonia, one's faith in prayer can take a bit of a knock. My suggestion is to ask instead for the "health of the Royal Family", thus spreading the risk, if you see what I mean.

How should I Pray?

On the knees. Prayers from other positions are known to be pretty ineffective, despite claims by so-called churches like the Methodists.
With the eyes closed.
With your hands together as if you are about to dive into a swimming pool (but not held above your head)
In a prayerful voice. If you are unsure how a "prayerful voice" should sound just listen to your local Vicar. He (or she!) has been trained. Very different from everyday speech and not easy to do, but God seems to like it.


What happens if I'm are praying for something and someone else is praying for the opposite?

Tricky. Many believe that The Lord's own preferences will give Him a bias one way or another. We can't be sure. One thing is very clear however: - if you don't say your prayers then He won't know what you want. (or will He??!)


Will Prayer Flags do the trick?

If you live in certain "trendy" areas of the UK you might well have noticed the occasional garden decked in what looks like a row of large, neglected,coloured handkerchiefs on a sort of washing line. Those of the Tibetan persuasion hold that these flags automatically pray the text inscribed on the flags as they flap in the breeze. Perhaps they do, but one would have to say that all that flapping doesn't seem to have brought the Tibetans much luck in the past few decades! Seriously though, I'm sure Prayer Flags have their place, but beware: A well-meaning woman from Totnes thought her flags were contributing to a prayer for World Peace, but when she consulted discovered that the coloured flags were calling for the death of her neighbour's yaks. Ooops!


What should I wear?

Somewhat surprisingly research suggests that apparel, as it is known, is very significant. The colours brown, purple, and grey give prayers a positive boost, whereas green, pink and vermillion significantly impede both petitions and intersessions. Other colours do not seem to have any particular effect. It is generally felt that clean clothes are best for the job,
Avoid stilettos.


Are Sundays best?


Not found an answer to your question?

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Happy praying, folks! It's the Number One way to influence the First Cause of all Reality.

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