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(qnty) Wafers
(qnty) Sips of Red Wine  
Fully Transubstantiated or just Consecrated a bit

I wish to Pay

In this World

In the Next

Priests, Vicars, Padres!!
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and from now on you
can enjoy Sunday Morning in Bed like the rest of us!
God Knows,
You Deserve it!!
Host in the Post

Stop Press June 2009. Eucharist Price-War Flares

The Most Reverend Bishop “JC” Blake of the Open Episcopal Church has set up a website provocatively called “PosttheHost” offering a trade in a similar product to our own wafers – at £2 a throw.
We at Host in the Post already had three years experience in the market before this newboy arrived on the scene, and have built what we believe to be a loyal customer base.
We welcome the competition, and we're confident that the Open Episcopalians will struggle to match our unique
“Pay in the Next Life” offer.(See below)

Just click above once, please.